Taking Relationship Auditions

Professional entertainers are often expected to audition for the work they want, and many people outside the industry find it a daunting prospect. They seldom realize that just seeking a social connection means they are doing basically the same thing, and those who want to find their future spouse often see dating as a time when they are holding relationship auditions. They look at the attributes of the other person, and they then decide they all of them combined outweigh their flaws. It might seem a bit cold and impersonal, but every person going on a date does this to a certain degree.

Part of the first date is trading general information on background and current status. Each person is expected to be honest, and most people understand that the majority of people will attempt to leave out the worst incidents of their life. Both people should expect they will find out more in-depth information if they get past the first few dates, so neither of them should be too concerned if they have not learned everything in the first few hours.

Learning how the other person feels about issues is an important part of deciding if they are worthy of a relationship, so it can be important to spend plenty of time talking about current events, family and future plans. Compatibility is established if both people have found their opinions and plans for the future are relatively the same, and the audition can be considered a success.

For those who find the person they are currently dating does not share any of their opinions about life, the audition might end abruptly. Each of them might be seeking a permanent relationship, and it is difficult to sustain one between two people going in opposite directions. Some of them might be patient enough to work out their differences, but many of them will proceed to the next audition.