Making the Relationship Work

Entering a committed relationship gives no guarantees to the participants, and this has long been a reason people have remained single. They would rather be without a partner than go through the agony of a bad relationship or breaking up with someone they love. In a world where there are no guarantees, there are ways to enhance the ability to tell if the relationship will really work for both partners. One of them is to wait before becoming physically intimate with each other.

There are few single people, men or women, who truly prefer to remain celibate. They often work to distract themselves from thoughts of their partner, and this works no better in the modern world than it did in ancient times. Physical intimacy is a basic urge to mate, and it is a drive that cannot be turned off like a light switch. Many male masturbators find their only relief is in satisfying themselves while watching virtual reality porn.

Viewing VR porn has not always been satisfying, but today’s virtual reality headsets do help a great deal. They allow more realistic interaction within any scenario because the point of view moves with the headset. This gives the user an experience that appears to be more natural than old movies or early virtual reality. Movement is a key part of reality, and the sets mimic this with surrounding views as if the person is really inside the scene.

Waiting for physical intimacy is difficult, but virtual reality may make it much easier to endure. This allows both people to explore their thoughts, goals and views on life with less pressure to advance the relationship before it is ready. While the wait is an endurance test for many, it helps ensure the relationship will not turn into a marathon of pain and suffering.