Dating without Commitments

Being serious about another person means making a commitment. There are many different levels of commitment, and not all of them are permanent. Progression is a good way to describe dating. It begins with a commitment to share an evening or an event together. The next step, if the first date works out, is to commit to seeing each other again. After a few dates, a couple might become exclusive. This does not necessarily mean they will be physically intimate.

A dating couple should wait until they are certain to make the commitment to be physically intimate. They need to understand how much of a commitment they are willing to make before taking this step. A misunderstanding at this point will lead to emotional pain and can ruin the relationship. Taking the time to really get to know each other before this step will make the relationship better. Waiting gives both partners a chance to make a decision without feeling pressured.

There are many times when a dating relationship is enhanced by waiting for physical intimacy. Unfortunately, this does nothing to relieve physical tensions. A person who has a fuck buddy can sidestep this tension. It is a way to have patience with a person in a non-physical relationship while seeking relief from a person who is not interested in a permanent commitment. Fuck buddies are not looking for a commitment, just a night of fun. They understand the other person may end their association at any time with no hard feelings.

Over time, a dating relationship may become physically intimate. The relationship then becomes exclusive to the two people dating once this occurs. They are now on their way towards a permanent commitment. Sometimes this means moving in together, and other times it leads to marriage. Occasionally the dating relationship does not work out. This is sad for both partners, but it is best if this happens as soon as possible. If it isn’t working out, it is best to admit it before people get too involved and become trapped in a relationship they do not want.